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Find The Right Fit: Information Your Household Staffing Agency Might Need

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Household staffing agencies help fill household positions, such as maids, nannies, chefs, and other domestic staff. The right fit for your household can make all the difference in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that everyone enjoys.

So when you contact a staffing agency, you need to provide them with information that outlines your exact needs and wants. Read on to discover the main pieces of information you should provide the staffing agency with to help them find your ideal fit.

Job Requirements

The first piece of information you should provide to the staffing agency is the exact requirements you have for the job. This includes any qualifications, skills, or experience that you require from potential candidates.

Maybe you need a nanny who speaks a second language or a chef with extensive experience in Italian cuisine. These things will help the agency narrow down the list of potential hires for you.

Work Schedule

You should let the staffing agency know what hours and days of the week you expect a candidate to work each week.

For example, if you only need someone for a few hours a day during the week, you might need a different type of candidate than someone who needs to work full-time, seven days a week. Some candidates might only be available for certain shifts or days, so it's important to communicate your needs clearly.

If you have any special requests or needs, such as someone who could cover for an employee in the case of an emergency, make sure to let the agency know that as well. This will go a long way in finding the right fit for your household.

Household Information

It's also helpful to provide the staffing agency with information about your home and family. For example, are there any pets that need to be taken care of? Or are there any young children or elderly parents in the house?

Providing this kind of information can help the agency match you with someone who is comfortable in this kind of environment and has any necessary qualifications or certifications.

You also need to let them know about the general atmosphere in your home and any special instructions you might have for the candidate. This could be anything from how you want your food served to the type of things you'd like your children to be exposed to.

Job Description

You might need to provide the staffing agency with a concise job description outlining the specific tasks and responsibilities of the position. This can help them find someone qualified to meet your needs, as well as someone willing to take on the job.

Have a detailed job description that outlines all the tasks and schedules for the position. This could include anything from laundry and cleaning duties to meal preparation and childcare responsibilities.

You'll also want to include any other expectations you might have, such as being punctual or working in certain areas of the house. 

For more info about household staffing, contact a local company.