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Buying A Home In A Country Club Community

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Shopping for your next home to buy can be an exciting experience. For those that are looking to buy country club real estate, there are some additional factors that may come into play that new buyers may not appreciate at first.  

Consider Whether Privacy Fencing Is Available

If you want your home to be located along the golf course for the country club, you will need to evaluate whether privacy fencing is available. This fencing can help to limit the risks of golf balls damaging the home's exterior or creating other problems for the yard. Not every country club community will allow this type of fencing to be installed. However, it can be an important benefit that you may want to prioritize, as it may spare you from broken windows and golfers attempting to retrieve their balls from your property.  

Review The Traffic In The Vicinity Of The Property

A popular country club can experience considerable traffic. Depending on where your home is located, this traffic could be more or less severe. An example of this could be living along the primary route from the community's entrance to the country club. For those living along this route, there may be a steady stream of cars passing by the house when the country club is open. While these homes may be slightly more affordable than other properties in the area, you may find that the potential disruptions from this traffic outweigh the savings that you could enjoy. When assessing whether a home along this route will be a good match for you, it may be critical to be diligent when touring the home so that you can get a good feel for the amount of noise from the road that will make it inside the house.

Understand Whether Membership Benefits Come With Being A Resident

Many country club communities provide residents with access or a membership to the country club itself. This is an important benefit that could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year on membership costs. Depending on the community and the country club, you may find that the membership benefits can range from a full membership to a set number of free visits to the club each year. While these benefits should not be the most important factor when choosing a house, they can be useful for helping you choose between properties that are otherwise similar but located in different country club communities.