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How You Can Know If Your Fire Extinguisher Needs Recharging

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Have you been wondering if your fire extinguisher needs to be properly charged? Keeping a fire extinguisher properly charged is extremely important. If you do not get your fire extinguisher maintained on a regular basis it may malfunction when you need it the most. Needless to say, this can have tragic results. Here's a look at how you can know whether your fire extinguisher needs recharging.

When Should Fire Extinguishers Be Recharged?

Fire extinguishers need to be recharged after they have been used. Even if all the extinguishing agent inside has not been used, a fire extinguisher will still need to be serviced in order to be ready for its next use. You may be wondering why you need to refill it when all of it was not discharged during use. The fact is that even a small amount of discharge from the canister can result in a leak and eventually there will be a total loss of pressure.

Checking Your Fire Extinguisher Gauge

You should perform a fire extinguisher inspection test at least once a month. When you are performing this inspection you need to check the pressure gauge. The gauge will tell you if the unit is overcharged, undercharged, or if it is ready for use in an emergency. The pressure gauge has a green area and a red area. When checking the gauge, the needle needs to point in the green area. When the needle is in that area the fire extinguisher is ready for use.

Recharging Your Extinguisher

You will need to call in a professional when your extinguisher needs recharging. A fire protection company will have technicians who have the training and knowledge to ensure that your extinguisher is returned to its peak performance.

First, the technician will depressurize the cylinder and remove the discharge valve. The technician will then clean all the valves. The valves will be reassembled and a new valve stem installed. The extinguishing agent will also be refilled. The unit will then be re-pressurized with the appropriate gas. The technician will perform a leak test before reinstalling the discharge nozzle on the cylinder.

The last thing you want is to have a fire break out and for your fire extinguisher to be useless when you need it the most. To prevent this from happening you should check the cylinder regularly and get timely maintenance to prevent any future problems. For more information, contact a company that offers fire extinguisher recharging services.