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Six Things That Might Be Wrong With Your Customer Experience Strategy

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Optimizing your customer experience strategy is all about addressing any possible errors that are detracting from the effectiveness of your efforts. 

The following are six things that might be wrong with your customer experience strategy. You should correct any of these issues if they exist to improve the customer experience with your company:

You don't have a clear idea in mind regarding your mission and vision as a company.

You might assume that your company mission isn't really pertinent to customer experience issues. However, that's not the case. If you haven't really thought out your company mission and vision, you're going to have a hard time devising a good customer experience strategy.

Your company's mission and vision should have an impact on how you interact with customers, so these things are important regarding customer experience. Before you start concerning yourself with customer experience issues, make sure you have a clearly defined idea of what your company mission is. 

You haven't figured out what your key buyer personas are.

Knowing who your targets are as customers and what their attributes are is important. This helps you understand their technical capabilities and identify what can appeal to them about what you provide in terms of the customer experience. 

Not taking advantage of every touchpoint available to you.

It's not good if you're focusing too much on one touchpoint or communication channel with your customer experience strategy and not others. You need to take advantage of and optimize every touchpoint available to you for the best results. 

Carrying bad design forward too far.

One of the most important capabilities as a business owner is being able to recognize and kill bad ideas before you waste too many resources on them. 

This is especially important when it comes to your customer experience strategy. Any bad customer experience design is going to be directly experienced by your customers and could cause you to lose customers if you don't correct it as soon as you recognize it or even anticipate it beforehand. 

Not taking advantage of the feedback you're given.

Feedback is one of the most important resources you have when it comes to customer experience strategy. You need to collect feedback and respond to it. This allows you to make real improvements on any perceived shortcomings your customer experience strategy has. 

Being unaware of what the customer experience strategies of your competitors are like.

You'll want to do market research and find out what your competitors are offering in terms of customer experience. If your competitors are really outdoing you, you're going to lose customers to them. 

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