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Three More Unusual Scrap Metal Buyers (And What They Do With Your Scrap!)

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Scrap metal buyers are usually owners and operators of auto salvage or junk metal yards. You always know that if you have some metal scrap, you can take it to these locations and sell it there. However, what you probably did not know is that there are other, more unusual places to sell your scrap metal. When you do not have a lot of it, it might be easier and more reasonable to sell things like a metal bed frame to the following buyers:

Metal Artists

Artists that work in metals frequently look for metal scrap. Some even advertise for it! Check the wanted ads both online and in newspapers in your area to see if local metal artists are trying to buy metal scrap for their artistic needs.

Community and Technical Colleges

Community, vocational, and technical colleges frequently look for scrap metal. Instructors in welding, machining, and auto repair need the metal for projects they expect their students to complete. The colleges may advertise for the metal scrap, or you can call these colleges directly to see if these particular departments are looking for scrap. Usually, the purchase of the metal is routed through the main campus office, where they will cut you a check for the scrap that these departments buy from you.

Military Recyclers

Branches of the U.S. military also recycle scrap for use in training exercises and the construction of war vehicles. If there is a military base near you, you can speak to someone there about your scrap. If there is a military construction and recycling plant near you, definitely give them a call as they may be in need of more scrap. This is especially true if troops have been deployed to fight wars and skirmishes overseas and more war vehicles are needed for the battles.

Scrap Pickers

You would be surprised at the number of people that actually make metal scrap-picking their number one job. These are folks that go all over town, buying up scrap metal and paying people to take it. This is a nice service, considering the fact that you do not have to figure out how you would get your scrap to a junkyard or to another one of the unusual buyers listed above. Typically, you will be paid less than if you took the scrap somewhere yourself, but you can look at the picker's pick-up service as part of the money lost to unload the scrap.