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Keeping Your Office's Lunch Area Clean And Organized

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When you run an office, you may find that there are some areas you have a hard time keeping clean and organized. In most cases, the lunchroom is one of the trouble areas because people don't properly clean up after themselves, they leave food in there too long, and there is no real structure in place to help keep everything clean and organized. This article will give you some ideas on things you may want to change about your office's lunch room, so you can help it become a clean and organized area. These tips will also help it become a place where you don't have to worry about bugs and rodents being drawn to it and where you feel better spending your time eating your lunches:

Put someone in charge of cleaning each week

Each week, you can put a different employee in charge of making sure the tables, floors and other surfaces in the kitchen are clean at the end of the day. Normally, employees may not like to be given extra duties on top of their regular job description. However, you can even make this a voluntary thing where employees names get put in a drawing once for every day they are in charge of the kitchen. Then, you can hold a raffle where you give away a great gift or a special privilege, such as a day off with pay, an extra hour for lunch or something else.

Keep cleaning wipes on all tables and surfaces

You can purchase tubs of cleaning wet wipes that come in easy-to-dispense containers. By setting them on the tables and other surfaces where employees prepare their food, you will be making it extremely easy for them to wipe down the surfaces when they are done, which may cause them to do it more often.

Keep paper towels next to the microwave with a reminder to cover plates

A microwave can get dirty very fast when food is heated and pops up, splashing the inside of it. Providing everyone with paper towels and reminding them to cover their plates when they go in the microwave can help keep it cleaner longer.

Have food clearly labeled and removed from the refrigerator and freezer at the end of the week

You want to provide all of your employees with freezer labels and make it a rule that they put their name and the date on their food when they are putting it in the refrigerator and freezer. The rule should be for each person to remove their food from the refrigerator and freezer at the week's end. If anyone doesn't follow this rule, you will know who it is by reading the labels. This can also prevent people from accidentally eating very old food as well.

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