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Spice Up The Bedroom With These Adult Toys Geared Toward Lesbian Partners

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People often think of sex toys as devices that you use while alone. While this is true, many couples enjoy adding some variety to their sex life with the inclusion of one or more sex toys. A visit to your local adult store or a browse online with your lesbian partner can present a variety of different toys that you and your loved one can use together. Keep an open mind about incorporating these devices into your sex life, and you may be glad that you've taken the plunge. Here are some adult sex toy products that are geared toward using with your partner:

Double-Ended Dildo

Although many dildos are roughly the length of an average or above-average male penis and thus designed for one person to use at a time, there are also double-ended dildos that can be fun to use with your partner. This adult toy is exactly how it sounds — it's a long, silicone device that is shaped and sized like a penis at each end. Instead of one partner pleasuring herself with a conventional dildo or one partner pleasuring her mate with the device, both women and use one end of this toy at the same time for pleasure.

Double Strap-On Harness

If you and your partner have enjoyed playing with a strap-on belt or harness in the past, you may wish to explore a twist on this device. With the traditional strap-on harness, one partner wears the device and pleasures the other with a dildo mounted to the front of the harness. The double strap-on harness features not only the large dildo at the front but also a smaller one mounted inside the harness. The second dildo is positioned so that it will provide pleasure to the woman wearing the harness while she pleasures her lover.

"Smart" Sex Toys

There are a number of smart sex toys on the market that you and your partner can use with a smartphone. These devices connect wirelessly with an app that you can download, and the app will allow you to control the adult toy. By tapping the screen of your device, you'll be able to turn on the toy's vibrating function, for example, as well as adjust the intensity of the vibration. It can be fun for one partner to position the toy how she wishes, while her partner uses the app to playfully control it and create pleasure.