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Keeping A Clean Warehouse

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A busy, bustling warehouse is a sign that your business is performing well. However, because everyone is so focused on their duties, it's easy for the warehouse itself to become disorganized, messy, and dirty. Not only might your warehouse look unkempt, but messy spaces inside the building can raise the possibility of accidents and employees getting injured. Find ways to clean up your warehouse space with these ideas.

1.Keep Janitorial Supplies Handy

One reason that messes are allowed to accumulate in the first place is that people cannot always get to trash bags, sponges, and other janitorial supplies immediately. If workers are opening and unloading boxes, for example, it's natural that bubble wrap and other materials can overflow trash and recycling bins. There would be a work delay if they have to stop every few minutes to walk over to a storage closet located on the far side of the warehouse and gather the supplies they need.

Make cleaning easier by  multiple stations for janitorial supplies. That way, bags and other items can be quickly acquired and used. You might certainly see an increase in neater work spaces and floor space when people can reach supplies quickly.

2. Have a Schedule

While no one might have the luxury of only handling trash and other messes throughout the day, committing to a schedule can encourage people to regularly tidy the place. You may have a rotation of different workers empty all the trash bins or clean out the break room at certain points during the day or week. That way, everyone else doesn't have to be distracted by clutter or mess and everyone gets a turn so that no one is overwhelmed. You might consider ending the work day a few minutes earlier just to allow employees ample time for straightening their own work areas and returning equipment to the right storage spaces.

3. Handle Dust Frequently

Dust is not only annoying, it can affect breathing and might, over time, damage some machines you're using. Spend time with floor dust mops so that the floor isn't covered in the stuff. Remember as well to dust the tops of pallets, top shelves on your pallet racking system, and other high spots. The same equipment you use to lift pallets might also allow you to reach the necessary heights to handle dusting.

Warehouse cleanliness is important. Contact companies like Mailender, who can offer you cleaning supply solutions that will fall in line with your company's needs.