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Demonstrate Your Appreciation Of Your Preschool Teachers Hard Work And Dedication

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If you are the director of a preschool facility and would like to reward the teachers for their hard work and dedication concerning the teaching and care of the children who attend classes, the ideas below will demonstrate your appreciation:

Glass Case With Lighting

Purchase a glass case that has lighting installed in it and set it up in the preschool's foyer. Strip lighting that is secured to shelves in the case or a drop light that is centered over the case will draw attention to the case as parents, students, and employees filter into the preschool. Acquire photographs of each of your teachers and frame them. Arrange the framed photos on small easels that are set on the case's shelves.

Type a summary about each teacher, including their education and accomplishments since they have been employed by you and place the summaries next to the photographs. Parents and visitors of the preschool can stop by the glass case at their leisure to learn additional information about each teacher. 

Award Ceremony

Host a ceremony at the preschool that will identify the exemplary behavior of your staff members. A ceremony can be held in the gymnasium or cafeteria in the preschool. A set of metal risers or a small metal platform can be used as a stage. After parents and students are seated in one end of the room, ask your staff members to walk out in front of the audience before climbing onto the risers or platform.

Prepare certificates before the event that list some of the attributes that each of your employees possesses. After you have gained the audience's attention, call out each of the teacher's names and request that they climb down from the stage before retrieving the certificates.

Extended Weekend At A Retreat

Make reservations for your employees to spend time at a spa retreat in a remote location. Before making plans, check with your staff members to make sure that they will be free during the dates that you would like to plan the trip. Hint that you have a special weekend in store for each person, but do not reveal what the destination is.

Provide transportation to and from the retreat. After arriving at the spa, tell your employees that you would like them to relax and pamper themselves throughout the weekend and to not worry about work responsibilities. After the trip is over, your workers will feel better about themselves and will be ready to tackle classroom duties. 

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