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3 Important Roles Of Business Transcription In A Call Center Setting

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In a call center, your business operates around the use of voice, which means recording is just part of daily processes, whether it is with making calls to clients and customers are interacting with business associates. However useful recorded voice may be, it is also useful to have the voice recordings transcribed into a written document. There are several situations when it will be much better to have the written recording of a conversation or interaction. Here is a look at some of the important roles of business transcription in a call center setting. 

Transcribed data can be useful in employee training processes. 

You can always record calls that you can use in training sessions with new hires when they are in training. However, it is a much better idea to have these calls transcribed into written form so they can read over an interaction between a client an customer and study it as much as they want. With calls transcribed, you can give out a copy of a call interaction to all new hires so they can study it and look at how conversations should go. With a call that has been transcribed, the new employee can clearly see who is speaking and when and it will be easier to take note of the proper words to use in customer-employee conversations. 

Transcribed data can be useful for coaching employees. 

For some call center employees, it will be awkward for them to sit and listen to themselves in a voice conversation with a client or customer.  During coaching sessions with your employees, a transcribed conversation is a much more professional and time-efficient way to go over calls. Instead of having to sit through the entire call and listen to the parties involved in the conversation, you can have a document in front of you where you can clearly notate which reas the employee id well and where there is room for improvement. 

Transcribed data can be useful for marketing to potential clients. 

If your call center contracts new clients who need your services, it is always helpful if you have transcribed phone conversations to hand over to them as examples. While you could use voice recordings for marketing, your prospective clients will likely appreciate a written example of conversations so they can get a closer look at your company's communication techniques. Plus, they can take the transcribed information with them if you are one example among many call center services so they have something to reference later. 

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