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Two Tips For Selecting Someone To Drive The Moving Truck

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When people rent moving trucks, they generally plan on driving the vehicles themselves. However, this isn't always the case. If you plan on having someone else take the wheel during your move, here are two tips for selecting a driver who won't end up getting you in trouble or making your move harder than it should be:

Make Sure They're the Right Age

This may sound like the most obvious piece of advice in the world. Of course, you would select a driver who was legally capable of doing so. However, the age when a person can get a driver's license and the minimum age the rental company requires people to be to drive their moving trucks can be two different things.

Many states allow people to get fully licensed (i.e., no restrictions on their driving privileges) at 16.5 years of age. It's pretty standard, though, for moving truck rental companies to require drivers to be at least 18 and sometimes even 21. This is likely because teen drivers have the highest accident rate in the country because of their inexperience on the road and propensity for reckless behavior, and the company wants to keep the risk of losing a truck to a minimum.

Before allowing an underage person in the driver's seat of the moving van, ask the rental company if it's okay, and find someone else if it's not.

Avoid Reckless Drivers

Again, another obvious piece of advice. However, if you're the person who signs the contract for the rental, you will be the one held responsible for damages if the driver wrecks the moving truck. Unless your auto insurance covers accidents in moving trucks—and even then the person driving would have to be covered by the policy—you want to make sure the individual won't drive in a way that increases the odds of being in an accident.

Along those same lines, if you plan on moving across the border to Canada or Mexico, you need to make sure the driver doesn't have a DUI on his or her record. Canada, in particular, will bar people with DUIs from entering the country, and the last thing you want to have happened is being stuck at the border with no way to get your belongings to your new home.

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