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Four Tips For Investing In A Receptionist Desk That Stays Organized

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One of the most difficult parts of presentation for a company that has clients in and out of the office all day is the receptionist desk. This is an area that can easily become overwhelmingly cluttered, which is a poor first impression for customers walking into your office. On top of this, it can seriously hinder the productivity of your receptionist who is starting to feel overwhelmed themselves. Here are four tips to investing in a receptionist desk that is going to help your receptionist stay organized:

  1. ​Built in Files: There should be filing cabinets built in along with a file box on the desk surface. Another thing that helps is having an open hideaway space that only your receptionist can see. It's here that they can keep important must-work-on-now tasks that's in their field of site, but not the customer's. This is going to help your receptionist prioritize tasks while not making it appear like they are overwhelmed. 
  2. Keep it Sleek: A sleek receptionist desk that matches the colors of the office won't have to be overwhelmingly crowded with decorations. Instead, it can blend right into your office. Reducing the amount of decorations on the receptionist desk is another way to make it appear less cluttered. Plus, if you have that hideaway space, your receptionist can still add photos of their family and other decorations without it being seen by the customer. 
  3. Cord Organization: Cord organization should be built into the desk. Most likely, your receptionist is going to be using a computer, keyboard, and mouse. You want these cords neatly tucked away instead of taking up desk or floor space that can make it feel cluttered and unorganized. Look for underwire cord organization or a small opening on the surface of the desk for cords to be tucked into. 
  4. Built in Placements: Finally, check out built in placement features. For example, some receptionist desks will have a built in pocket area on the surface of the desk for daily office necessities, such as pens, paper clips, and stapler, and more. This is going to eliminate the need to go out and buy desk organization bins that can just make the desk feel more cluttered than it should. 

When you look for the above four features of a receptionist desk, not only to you improve the overall customer appeal of your office space, but you also help your receptionist stay on task.